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Ghana: ISS working with Government, UNICEF and other stakeholders to improve adoption and foster care procedures, 23 - 27 September

ISS has been mandated by UNICEF Ghana to provide technical assistance to the Ghanaian Government in its efforts to finalise its adoption and foster care regulations that have been drafted by technical working groups in the country.

A team of experts from within ISS as well international child protection consultant Nigel Cantwell and two experts from Ghana will carry out the work. ISS has undertaken its first of three missions focusing on adoptions in the last week of September to meet with stakeholders including among others government representatives, residential homes for children, accredited adoption bodies, lawyers, embassies of receiving countries as well traditional leaders including a Queen mother association. The issues raised at these meetings (e.g.: consent, matching, number of courts with adoption powers, fees, licensing and accreditation of actors etc) will inform the revisions to the regulations, with a view of ensuring that they are culturally relevant as well as compliant with international standards, notably THC-93. A second mission will be undertaken in the latter part of the year with a view of finalising the adoption regulation as well undertake training on the functions of a central adoption authority as well the development of an implementation plan for ratificiation of THC-93. The last two missions planned in the next six months will also focus on foster care regulations and training. ISS looks forward to advancing children's rights in Ghana and is hopeful of progress given the clear commitment of actors in the field.

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