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ISS Participated in a workshop on surrogacy organised by the Mexico's National Human Rights Commission

Mexico is currently debating the need for regulation of surrogacy in the country, as it is, so far, only allowed in a very limited number of its states, but has nonetheless raised numerous concerns and debates nationally. Some local legislation has recently been amended, whilst several bills have been introduced at federal level in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

In this context, on 9 March, Mexico's National Human Rights Commission organised a conference on this issue, and ISS was invited to the debates and shared a panel with a number of other relevant stakeholders from government, the Legislative power, and civil society.

ISS offered comprehensive information on the current international context, and reflected on the debates and challenges in this field. In particular, it briefly introduced its call for action and the intention to develop international principles, in partnership with a solid group of experts, in order to respond to the urgent need for regulation of the latter from a child-rights perspective.

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