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Today, there are more children and families separated and displaced from their communities than at any time in human history. With its widespread presence, ISS remains a unique actor; ISS Network Members assist more than 75'000 families every year across the world. With your help, we can

  • Improve the lives of many thousands of families and children in need of individualized cross border social services and protection.
  • Contribute towards the consolidation of our ISS network through training and institutional support.

ISS 2020 - 2024 Transformation Targets

As we approach our 100th anniversary, we are constantly preparing to face unprecedented complex social challenges in an ever-changing world. We need to continue to provide efficient and timely services and sustain these activities. This is why we have established a set of transformation targets to be met in 2024.

Our Transformation Targets:

  • Development of the world's first integrated Social work and Artificial Intelligence system in cross-border case management.
  • Creation of a Knowledge and Research Platform digitalising almost 100 years of documents on casework and advocacy.
  • Network Development and Training through the development of online training webinars for our global ISS staff.
  • Measure the Social Impact of our work.
  • EnhanceExternal Communications and Fundraising.

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Whether you would like to support us individually, or you represent a private sector company or a foundation, there are many ways in which you can support our action: