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ISS network has worked together to capture the essence of ISS casework and advocacy influence for children on the move (COM) in this practical guide for all professionals working with COM. The richness of this manual is that it is based on nearly 100 years of daily casework of ISS members and specific projects targeting this group of children in all regions of the world – from the initial contact with the child to the working towards a quality sustainable solution. The manual will also be significant in helping advocacy efforts to ensure that the child's rights are protected at each stage of the process – encouraging implementation of international standards as well as the Joint General Comments as well as work on Child Rights in the Global Compacts.

Available in English and Spanish.

Guidelines ANG 0001 

Since the approval of the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, the continuing challenge has been their implementation. This handbook provides practical guidance on moving forward on the road to alternative care provision for children. It highlights implications for policy-making where national governments should provide leadership as well as provides links to what is already being effectively done on the ground. The handbook provides insight and encouragement to all professionals on what can feasibly be done in resource constrained contexts.

Available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

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