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« A BETTER FUTURE IS POSSIBLE »: Promoting family life for children with disabilities in residential care (2016)
This practical Handbook for professionals offers:
1) A method and procedures to support political authorities and field actors involved in designing permanency planning for children with disabilities in residential care;
2) Practical tools for practitioners in charge of children with disabilities (grids for the observation of the child, case management tools, guidance on the preparation of the child to his/her new environment, etc.).

Available in English, French and Spanish

 ChildLifebook ENG


This tool offers a child friendly way to collect and keep all relevant information relating to the life story of the child (main stages of his or her development and progress, important life events) and is a tool for the professionals to address with the child sensitive issues (about his/her origins, the reason for the placement). The Lifebook is also a support for the preparation of the child to the life plan designed for him or her. A digital version of the Child Life book is in process and will be soon available.

Here is an excerpt from the book in English, French and Spanish.

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The publication proposes an evaluation of the situation of older children's adoption and draws the principles to respect in order to ensure the best chances possible of
interviewing experts and professionals of its network. It also reviewed numerous publications on adoption of older children.

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