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The Hague Conference on Private International Law - Read Quotes

"The Hague Conference on Private International Law has a long history of working in the field of cross-border mediation in international child disputes.

The involvement in this area reflects the increasing importance of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods to bring about agreed solutions in international family law cases and most of the modern Hague Family Conventions explicitly encourage mediation and similar processes for finding appropriate solutions to cross-border family disputes.

The Hague Conference has been co-operating with ISS for many years on various matters related to the protection of children and strongly supports ISS in its goal to promote the use of mediation in international family disputes.

We are delighted to be a partner of ISS in this project which complements the efforts of the Hague Conference in this field in a unique way: the project targets international families which are often not aware that mediation may help them to find a solution to their conflict either aside from or instead of legal proceedings.

It thus responds to an urgent need to disseminate information on this conflict resolution mechanism world wide."

Dr. C. Bernasconi

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