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25th anniversary of the International Reference Centre for the rights of children deprived of their family (ISS/IRC)

As 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the International Reference Centre for the rights of children deprived of their family (ISS/IRC), the ISS/IRC celebrated on October 4th this event with its partners and collaborators, who have been providing their continuous and invaluable support since its foundation in 1997. During a one day conference, selected themes in alternative care, adoption and surrogacy were debated to reflect on the achievements of the last decades and exchange on future challenges in these fields. This symposium was followed by an evening of festivities. The ISS/IRC would like to reiterate its gratitude to the numerous participants (from Central adoption authorities, international experts, members of the ISS network, etc.) and to the supporters who were unfortunately not able to attend the event.


NAC Conference 2017

On the 29th of September, ISS, represented by Juliette Duchesne & Jeannette Wöllenstein, was invited to the 2017 Nordic Adoption Council in Helsinki. The conference's topic was the "Current Phenomena in Adoptions» and was attended by Nordic Central Adoption Authorities, Adoption Accredited Bodies as well as International Organizations working in this field. At this occasion, ISS gave a presentation illustrating the benefits and risks linked to the use of new technologies, including social media, in a search for origins' process. The main focus was on how to transform possible dangers into constructive outcomes for all involved parties. This opportunity has highlighted, among others, the need for professional's capacity building, professional support for the adoption triangle in a search process and financial support from states authorities for post-adoption services.


Recent adocacy work at the Comittee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

ISS has submitted two factsheets with information about the situation of children in alternative care and adoption to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in relation to Bulgaria and the Russian Federation, as the latter will be examined by the Committee this week. These focus on the implementation of the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children and adoption-related international standards in both countries, with a particular focus on the rights of children with disabilities. Finally, these submissions are a true reflection of ISS 's advocacy work and partnership with international treaty bodies. The factsheets will soon be available at:



ISS evaluation mission in Morocco

Mandated by the Moroccan Ministry of Justice and UNICEF Morocco, ISS presented its observations and recommendations on 25-26th of September in Rabat, following an evaluation mission in May. The aim of the mission was to analyse 15 years of the implementation of kafala laws – both at a national and intercountry level – with findings consolidated in a 70 page report. Several presentations were held targeting specifically prevention of family separations and family support, a national kafala procedure in line with international standards, international kafala placements and the principle of subsidiarity. Further, participative exercises focused on the roles and responsibilities of competent entities. This restitution workshop was attended by approximatively 30 representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Social Development, the Central authority designated under the 1996 Hague Convention, diplomatic missions, civil society organisations and UNICEF. ISS hopes to work with actors to identify which recommendations are relevant and feasible, to help with the moving the reform process forward.


NOW AVAILABLE: Responding to illegal adoptions : a professional handbook - Publication of the French and Spanish version

 In March 2016, ISS/IRC published the Responding to illegal adoptions: a professional handbook. In light of the large demand for translation, this publication has been translated into French and Spanish. The three versions in English, French and Spanish can be freely downloaded on the ISS/IRC website. As a reminder, this handbook is structured around four main Chapters, each focusing on the potential responses available to a finding of an illegal adoption from a specific standpoint: legal, psychosocial, social and political. Personal testimonies and case studies are woven into the Chapters, highlighting the harsh reality, challenges and achievements of those most affected.


Another mandate for ISS: Coordinate the creation of a Global Network for International Family Mediators

As a follow up on the May 2017 professional meeting, organised by ISS and that gathered 27 mediation experts from 18 countries and all continents, ISS accepted the mandate to coordinate the creation of a Global Network of International Family Mediators.
Recently and as requested by its mandate, ISS General Secretariat appointed an Interim Steering Committee for a period of 12 months out of a list of professionals who volunteered for that purpose. The objective is to elaborate Terms of References and admission criteria for the future network.

Naturally, the GS is fully engaged in this project which, it believes, is the fruit of 7 years of extensive investment in human and financial capital in a pioneering and complex field, the international family mediation.

The future network will represent an important body of knowledge and support for ISS Casework activities world-wide.
In perfect match with the ISS overall mission and vision, the network's aim is to prevent, support, and protect children from harm related to cross-border family disputes and child abduction situations, promoting any existing expertise, training offer and regional/transregional network for the advancement of this endeavour.
For more information please visit: and do not miss watching the short video clip of the May 2017 Geneva Meeting here:


ISS at the Global Conference on Children on the Move



Several ISS members (ISS Canada, ISS General Secretariat, ISS Germany and ISS Switzerland) participated in the Global Conference on Children on the Move that took place in Berlin on 12th and 13th of June 2017. This event, which was attended by over 300 representatives of governments, UN agencies, international organisations, NGOs and the private sector from all over the world, was part of the Initiative for Child Rights in the Global Compacts (

The conference was intended to create momentum and provide a platform to discuss and advocate for a strong global strategy on protecting the rights of children on the move, in preparation for the Global Compacts in 2018, but also beyond these major events.

At this occasion, ISS launched its international manual Children on the move: From protection towards a quality sustainable solution, which is now accessible in English HERE

11-12 September: ISS Australia hosts ICA Specialist Training in Sydney with HCCH and IRC/GS

First of its kind training was recently organised by ISS Australia bringing international experience from Laura Martinez-Mora, Principal Legal Officer at the HCCH in charge of the 1993 Hague (Intercountry Adoption) Convention based in the Netherlands and Mia Dambach, Director of the ISS / IRC based in Geneva were the main presenters. Other presenters included former HCCH Secretary Jenny Degeling, ISS Australia ICA Service Manager, Damon Martin and intercountry adoptee advocate and founder of Intercountry Adoption Voices, Lynelle Long and peer mentor Gabby Malpas.
The training focused on the principles of the 1993 Hague Convention, as well as research of origins, illicit adoption practices and financial transactions. With over 30 participants from Central Adoption Authorities from Australia and New Zealand, as well as other professionals, the training helped provide a framework for more ethical adoption practices, open debate about current challenges faced by the two countries as well as the sharing of promising practices in response.

ICA Australia 09.2017


ISS at the World Vision International campaign towards ending extreme violence against children



On 13th of June 2017, Mr Vito Bumbaca represented ISS at the World Vision campaign "it takes a World to end violence against children" launched together with the Permanent Missions of Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, European Union, Global Partnership to end violence against children, the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Plan International and UNICEF.
Several UN bodies and NGOs attended this event together with ISS, such as UNOG, WHO, UNHCR, Child Rights Connect and SOS Children's Villages International.

ISS General Secretariat, congratulated World Vision and its partners for the great work done, encouraged the initiative and expressed interest for future collaborations.

ISS is always interested in cooperation mechanisms with all partners involved in child protection.

11-12 September: ISS provides technical assistance to Cambodia on surrogacy matters

At the invitation of the Cambodian Government, ISS provided technical assistance on a human rights based approach related to surrogacy as the country considers reforms. ISS was represented by Juliette Duchesne, Patricia Fronek and John Pascoe who engaged in dialogue on subjects such as the sale of children, access to origins, nationality, evaluation, preparation and support of surrogate mothers as well intending parents. This work occurred in the context of ISS' expert group currently drafting international principles on this matter.

Cambodia 09.2017


ISS launches manual - Children on the Move – From Protection towards a quality sustainable solution

Following from the resolution at the International Council in Melbourne, 2016, the ISS network has worked together to capture the essence of ISS casework and advocacy influence for children on the move in this practical guide for all professionals working with COM.

CoM PosterAccess the Manual

 The richness of this manual is that it is based on nearly 100 years of daily casework of ISS members and specific projects targeting this group of children in all regions of the world – from the initial contact with the child to the working towards a quality sustainable solution. The manual will also be significant in helping advocacy efforts to ensure that the child's rights are protected at each stage of the process – encouraging implementation of international standards as well as the upcoming Joint General Comment as well as work on Child Rights in the Global Compacts.

ISS Presentation

ISS Video cover

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