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Romania: 'A better future is possible' Project for children with disabilities in institutional care, September, 2015

As part of ISS project 'A better future is possible', ISS General Secretariat was invited by local child protection authorities of Timisoara and Caras Severin to carry out a needs assessment mission in their institutions caring for children with disabilities.
The goal of the mission was to understand the institutional care framework for children with disabilities and propose actions to promote their access to family based-care. Thanks to ISS Romania Branch's (Generatie Tanara Romania-GTR) excellent preparation in organising the visits, the ISS team was warmly welcomed by the institutions' staff. A wrap-up session with the concerned authorities concluded the mission and gave the opportunity to ISS to propose recommendations in the framework of the project. The recommended actions focus mainly on strengthening and improving the existing foster care services and reinforcing long term life plans for the children through a regular, systematic and comprehensive assessment of the situation of the child and a well-proven multidisciplinary approach. Moreover, the need to support care givers in their daily care activities was highlighted. A detailed report will be shared with the authorities and next steps such as identifying the pool of national trainers and the training curriculum will be jointly discussed.

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