MARCH 2021: ISS launches the Verona principles for the protection of the rights of the child born through surrogacy

Following a comprehensive consultation process as well as substantive contributions from over 100 different experts covering multiple disciplines and perspectives, regions, national and international contexts, the Verona Principles for the protection of the rights of the child born through surrogacy (Verona Principles) are now being published in 2021.

These Principles are designed to inspire and provide guidance on legislative, policy and practical reforms on the upholding children's rights born through surrogacy. The Principles are created in the expectation of complementary and evolving efforts in the wider human rights framework. Although global consensus on surrogacy has not yet been reached, the rights of children born through surrogacy need to be addressed urgently.

ISS would like to warmly thank all those who have contributed to and participated in the drafting of the Verona Principles. ISS hopes that these Principles will provide useful guidance for protecting children's rights in surrogacy, welcoming other efforts to ensure that human rights are respected in this field.

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