ISS and UNICEF Mexico

In the context of the joint project between ISS and UNICEF Mexico implemented since 2019, Elaine Weisman, Programme and Training Manager at ISS-USA, delivered a training on cross-border child protection case management to relevant authorities as well as UN agencies and civil society based in Tijuana and Mexicali, Baja California (Mexico).

The first part of the training, held on 28 September, focused on the key elements for appropriate cross-border case management and the eight-step methodology implemented by the ISS network.

The second session, which took place on 30 September, explored the latter's implementation in practice, with a specific focus on good practices for return and reintegration.

A similar training will be delivered in the coming weeks to key actors and stakeholders on Mexico's southern border with Central America, which is the entry point for many migrants in the region.