ISS attended the international seminar on the protection of children across borders in Rabat (Morocco)

On 14 and 15 November 2019, ISS participated in the international seminar organised by the Ministry of Justice in Morocco, with the technical support of UNICEF and the HCCH, and the financial support of the EU, in Rabat (Morocco).

The protection of children across borders in West Africa, North Africa and Europe, as well as the mechanisms of protection of non accompanied and separated children on the move were at the center of the fruitful discussions and sharing of good practices.

Experiences were also shared on family-based care options, in particular kafalah. The seminar was an excellent opportunity to explain in theory as well as in practice the 1996 Hague Convention and its key role in the protection of children across borders.

ISS presented its numerous actions to promote and implement this convention and shared the experience of its West African Network.

Conclusions and Recommandations of the seminar are available in French at :