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ISS Canada and ISS/IRC at the Conference on Search for origins, 27-29 May 2019, Montreal

Approximately 200 representatives of Central Adoption Authorities as well as professionals from Quebec participated in this event. The conference was a great success not only thanks to expert contributions but also and especially thanks to numerous testimonies of adoptees, adoptive parents and "birth" / biological parents.

ISS Canada had the opportunity to give insights into its support services in cross-border cases, including search for origins and family reunions. Thus, ISS methodology was presented emphasising the need for continuous professional support before, during and after a search. In addition, ISS/IRC was invited to present one of its latest publications (2019) Access to origins: Panorama on legal and practical considerations.

All speakers and participants reached a consensus: the importance of quality support during a search for origins as well as the necessity of cooperation between all actors.


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