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The ISS/IRC at the Annual Seminar of the French Mission for Intercountry Adoption, together with the new ISS Member ad interim in France

The ISS/IRC went to Paris on 16 October, to the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, where the annual seminar of the French Mission for Intercountry Adoption took place.

Around 250 people participated in this seminar coming from Adoption Services of different French Departments, Adoption accredited bodies, associations of adoptees and adoptive families as well as other experts.

The question of the assessment of the best interests of the child in the context of intercountry adoption was debated. There were various presentations in plenary session as well as through thematic workshops dealing with issues such as the identification of the most appropriate life project for each child, the reappropriation by the adopted person of his/her life history, the diversification of the professional support offered to adoptive families.

The ISS/IRC had the honour to present the important issue of the child's file in one of the workshop and close this day of fruitful discussion.

This seminar highlighted the progress as well as the remaining challenges to ensure the full respect of the rights and needs of adopted children and adults, and amongst them the right to access their own story through the establishment of a centralised programme for the search for origins at international level.

The ISS/IRC together with the new ISS member ad interim in France reiterate their continued support to all the French actors involved in the child protection and adoption system.


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