Workshops led by ISS in Haïti in order to reflect and exchange ideas about practices

On the joint initiative of the « Institut haïtien du Bien-Être social et de la Recherche (IBESR) » and of the French Embassy in Haiti, and thanks to the support of various partners (MAI, Terre des Hommes Lausanne and SOS-Children's Villages in Haïti), these workshops have gathered more than 50 professionals of different backgrounds:

Staff from the IBESR, persons in charge of children's homes, representatives of AAB, judges. At the dawn of the fifth anniversary of the Law reforming adoption, they have been the occasion to deepen key themes, such as the implementation of the subsidiarity principle through strong mechanisms of prevention of family separation, the promotion of family and community-based solutions and the development of domestic adoption. Moreover, the importance to document the child's history and how to do it were widely discussed as well as the importance of the children's preparation to the adoption.

Brainstorming around the child's adoptability and the matching process occurred with the promotion of essential tools such as social enquiries or a data base. Finally, the prevention and the management of illicit practices were discussed in depth and generated important awareness. ISS/IRC thanks again the Haitian and French authorities and partners for their trust and reiterates its support to Haïti in building on the momentum of its reforms.

Group Haiti