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Children with disabilities: “A Better Future Is Possible”

As you might have heard, the ISS Australia NSW Manager Damon Martin has been working with the ISS's General Secretariat on the network's Children with Disabilities (CWD) project. This project aims to promote the rights of CWD and to train caregivers on the specific needs on CWD.

This is an important global initiative which improves the lives of many CWD. After four years of working on thisproject we're excited to announce ISS Australia is now leadingimplementation of this project in Cambodia!

We are honoured to be implementing this project in Cambodia and very proud of Damon and his colleagues for this achievement!

Children in Cambodia living with disabilities often remain 'invisible' as access to services, resources and knowledge is limited. Through this program, carers are taught important information about disabilities, and how to support the child's learning and development.

We are hoping to further the effects of this program through further UNICEF funding that will allow us to implement key recommendations to enhance alternative care opportunities for CWD in Cambodia.


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