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Update on the drafting of international principles on international surrogacy

Geneva 30-31 October 2017: ISS' core group continues work to develop principles on surrogacy Following from the ISS' expert group meeting in Verona in May 2017, the core group met to refine the principles to protect the rights of children in surrogacy arrangements. The core group includes Claire Achmad, Nigel Cantwell, Patricia Fronek, David Smolin, Katarina Trimmings, Michael Wells-Greco and the ISS team. Messages were reinforced on the need to preserve human dignity, prevent the sale of children, right to identity (name, nationality and family relations), access to information about origins, when surrogacy arrangements are not completed as well as the importance of respecting the rights of the surrogate mother and intending parents. The wider expert group will continue to provide input into the 16 principles at a meeting hosted by the University of Zurich on the 31 Jan to 2 Feb 2018.

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