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Vietnam: ISS project completed successfully 1st phase


Workshop on results of phase 1 with MOLISA, the 4 Vietnamese trainers, representative of the 8 partners residential care institution, ISS GS, ISS Australia, Spoon Foundation

Phase one of "A better future is possible", an ISS project for children with disabilities (CWD) in residential care in Vietnam is now successfully completed! In collaboration with the government of Vietnam, a dissemination workshop to officially conclude phase one, took place on March 3rd where Vietnam ministry of social affairs and representatives of 8 orphanages exchanged with ISS experts ideas and lessons learned as well as challenges and the way forward.
Thanks to ISS Australia and Médecins du Monde technical expertise, many positive results have been achieved, the capacity of 194 front-line staff have been strengthened on the assessment of children's needs and daily care of children with disabilities. 420 children have directly benefited from the project and have now a comprehensive file, individual projects and a Lifebook to keep a track of their own story.
"Before, it was hard to guess what the child wanted, but after training, I can predict what they really want once I see children with unusual expression ", "I can help children become more confident and socialize with others "- Caregiver in Kon Tum Province.
"... Now the staff think of ways to help the child progressing- this project has supported the caregivers efficiently as they have to pay more attention and try to find solutions together --- so they find the need to be improved ".- Caregiver in HO Chi Min City Province.
At the request of MOLISA, Phase two is planned to scale up training to eight new residential care institutions. The foreseen training curriculum will include Nutrition and Feeding techniques led by Spoon Foundation our key partner in this area. Furthermore, together with Spoon Foundation, ISS will support MOLISA to promote and ensure successful family reintegration of CWD living in residential care in two pilot provinces.


A Day care centre in Da Nang with stimulation tools provided by ISS


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