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Message from ISS New Zealand Director

People in New Zealand were awoken by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake at midnight on Sunday. The full force of the quake was felt in a place called Kaikoura - on the eastern side of the South Island - just north of Christchurch (where the catastrophic quakes occurred a few years ago) and south of Wellington (our Capital city). Whilst thankfully the loss of life from this event has been limited to two people, the extent of damage to infrastructure is enormous with roads in and out of Kaikoura cut off by numerous slips, houses ruined, water and power cut off etc. We are very fortunate to have a Government that is well organised when it comes to responding to events like this and the response has been immediate.

Down town Wellington (the Capital city) was also significantly impacted. Many government departments remain closed today while buildings are checked.

To add to things for people, we are on the receiving end of dreadful weather today - torrential rain and gale force winds. This is adding to the issues people are dealing with as there's flooding to contend with on top of the rattled nerves as a result of ongoing and significant aftershocks.

Despite all this I'm pleased to say that ISS New Zealand is back on deck today.

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