A Multilingual Website on International Family Mediation

The website is used as a directory on mediation practice with regard to family laws and conflict resolution practices in different countries. It is meant for families involved in cross-border family conflicts and professionals of the psycho-social and legal fields working with families concerned.

The goal of the website is to raise awareness among families on the legal complexity of cross-border cases. Access to this information can possibly prevent child abductions and can provide support to professionals in their counselling roles. A web platform allows the information to be centralised, reliable and updated continuously.

The website presents:

  • The content of the Guide to International Family Mediation adapted to a web format;
  • A Country Information Section provides links and descriptions about public services and charitable organisations that offer professional support in the field of mediation, legal advice, social services: to guide parents and professionals towards the appropriate and reliable resources in their country;
  • The Charter for International Family Mediation Processes: to present the guiding principles for cross-border family mediations;
  • A Parental Advice Section to advise parents on questions to ask legal advisers and methods to prepare for mediation.

Target audiences are:

  • Bi-national, migrant and expatriate families living all around the world, and in particular families living separated in two different countries;
  • Professionals of the psycho-social and legal sectors, employed in public administration, working as an independent or as volunteers in associations supporting vulnerable families;
  • Legal and administrative Authorities handling cross-border family disputes (working in courts, central authorities, reference desks etc.);
  • HR departments of corporate companies, UN agencies or any structure employing a huge number of expatriate staff.

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