ISS Guide to International Famly Mediation

Few families know they have the opportunity to use mediation for issues of divorce, separation and parental rights in cross-border situations. The belief that conflicts involving two countries can only be settled through legal procedures still prevails.

Based on ISS experience and input from international experts, the practical guide, very visual and easy to use, advises families caught up in a cross-border dispute how to move forward, and how they can benefit from mediation.

It recommends international family mediation not as a miracle solution to all the problems that families face during separation across national borders, but as a simple, pragmatic and professional avenue of conflict resolution that ensures individual rights and complements any legal proceedings to settle the disputes.

This Guide is intended for families all over the world – regardless of their origin, religion and composition – that are experiencing conflict with cross-border elements. The guide is drafted in conformity with all legislations and depicts the emotional impact of child abduction on all family members involved. While drawing attention to some risks that are often underestimated, it emphasises that the interests of the children are at the heart of international family mediations.

Easy to use and full of testimonies, it discusses all issues related to the recourse to international family mediation in 7 chapters, including a section with practical questions and guidance (questions to ask a legal adviser, content of mediation agreements, how to prepare for mediation, where to find appropriate help, etc.):

  • What is International Family Mediation?;
  • For which conflicts and when it can be used;
  • Reasons for choosing mediation;
  • How cross-border mediations are carried out;
  • International Family Mediation and the Law;
  • Child Abduction;
  • Practical Questions.




The ISS Guide to International Family Mediation is available in Arabic, Bulgarian, English, French, German, ItalianPortuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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