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Protecting Children and Uniting Families Across Borders for 90 years

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    Every year, the ISS proposes its services to approximately 75'000 families around the world

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    Every year, the ISS proposes its services to approximately 75'000 families around the world

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    Every year, the ISS proposes its services to approximately 75'000 families around the world

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    Protecting Children and Uniting Families Across Borders

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    Protecting Children and Uniting Families Across Borders

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    Protecting Children and Uniting Families Across Borders

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Examples of projects carried out by ISS in the country of origin of the children

1) Assessment of the Adoption and Child Protection framework

In May 2013, ISS has conducted a review of the adoption and child protection framework in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo-Kinshasa). This study, done in collaboration with the local UNICEF office, was aimed at establishing a first assessment of the adoption procedures and practices, in a country which is increasingly targetted by adopters and foreign agencies, despite the lack of adequate structures and legislative framework. The mission report should enable local authorities to both identify the various measures to ake in order to reform the current system, and to alert the authorities of the host countries to the risks of a too rapid development of international adoptions in a context that is not prepared to it. 

Similar missions have been conducted in over 10 countries of origin to date (Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Laos, Ivory Coast, Guatemala, Colombia, Haiti, etc.).

2) Support for legislative reforms

Thanks to its team of specialized lawyers, ISS has supported several countries of origin in the process of legislative reform of the framework for the adoption and protection of children deprived of family. Through close collaboration with local stakeholders (ministries, parliamentarians, etc.), new legal standards are written to match the international standards in this area, and to put in place appropriate measures in the country so as to protect children against the abuses adoption can too often entail.
This type of support has been provided in Vietnam, Haiti, Cyprus, etc.


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Latest News

September 2015: ISS supports UN Human Rights Council side event on “investing in children and their families to prevent unnecessary separation”


As part of the activities of the Geneva Working Group on Children without Parental Care, ISS with co-sponsors Permanent Missions of Kenya, Portugal, Uruguay and Viet Nam as well as ATD 4th World, Better Care Network, CELCIS, Family for Every Child, For Our Children Foundation, Hope and Homes for Children, International Federation of Social Workers, IFCO, RELAF, Save the Children, SOS Children’s Villages International and UNICEF held an important side event. Professor Benyam Dawit Mezmur, CRC Committee Chairperson led the discussions providing an international overview, followed by panelists each representing a specific region showcasing promising practices on different family vulnerable environments. The side event was well attended by over 40 participants from different Missions including USA, Canada, Sweden, Uruguay, Viet Nam, Ireland, Portugal and Panama as well as others. In addition, many people have commented about the high quality of interventions from the floor, personal and heartwarming from the Vietnamese Ambassador, excellent for reminding the audience about the existing HRC resolution on investing in children from Uruguay and very practical in terms of what is occurring in Portugal. Whilst our time was short in terms of discussions, we believe that the main message was disseminated as reflected by Professor Mezmur’s concluding remark, it is "not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do."


For more information: see mini publication of main presentations in English, French and Spanish

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